Receive a new inclusion activity set every month with the Bitsy Buddy Club!

  • "Inclusive brands are our favorite! So impressed by @bitsyatwold and their commitment to show ALL kids that they belong. Different is a great thing to be and our kids can see that ALL BELONG!"

    - Abigail, @abigail_burle

  • "I literally just got a chance to open our package about 10 minutes ago. I CRIED. I love them so much."

    - Tayler, @thestorybehindtwosmiles

  • "The fact that my daughter can play with magnets and sticker sets that look like her & her cleft affected friends brought me to overwhelming tears! Thank you so much for creating such beautiful and needed resources!"

    - Gina, @thecelebratingmama

  • Pick Your Pack

    We have a pack for everyone! Pick which one suits you best: the "Individual" (1 of each) or the "Class Pack" (25 of each)

  • Monthly Mail!

    A new package is excitedly mailed to you by the 20th of each month. Await your happy pack and relish becoming better humans with every mailbox visit!

  • The Nitty Gritties

    Subscriptions renew on the 11th of each month. Cancel or pause anytime you need. We're here to make the world better!

  • The Individual

    • 1 sticker set
    • 1 activity book
    • conversation prompts
  • 2 adorable children magnets are shown wearing a yellow rainbow dress with socks, while the other is wearing a white and green t-shirt under overalls with sneakers. Between them is a black feeding bag backpack with the word Tubie written in colourful lettering.

    The Class

    • 25 sticker sets
    • 25 activity books
    • conversation prompts

Facts of the Matter

  • People with disabilities don't see themselves or their families represented.
  • Adults have difficulty navigating conversations about disability and inclusion because they never learned how themselves.
  • Inclusion enhances everybody.