Our mission is to help adults & kiddos within our medical, disability, and mental health communities feel seen, heard, and celebrated exactly as they are in their experiences. And concurrently, to bridge the inclusion gaps for those learning. We honour the dignity of each person - differences, hard moments, and all. Simple as that.

  • "The mere exposure effect is a cognitive bias where individuals show a preference for things they’re more familiar with. Repeated exposure to a stimulus increases liking and familiarity, even without conscious recognition. Essentially, the more we encounter something, the more we tend to prefer it, based on familiarity alone."

    - "Mere Exposure Effect in Psychology" 
  • Wouldn't it be amazing if we harnessed the power of the “mere exposure effect” for good? We tend to say things are ‘too little to really matter,’ but science doesn’t back that up. Little things - like stickers, magnets, books, conversations - they matter. They have the ability to change our outlooks, our brains, us, and our communities for the better. Turns out, those little things matter a great deal.

  • Join us in teaching ourselves & our kiddos to be more inclusive for a better world. Together, we can make a difference. Let's create our brighter future!

Big Topics + Play = Magic

Bitsy's principles:

  • feeling seen can change a person's world - at any age
  • talking about big topics is vital - AND it can be playful, candid, and celebratory
  • we are all more similar than we are different

What's in a name?

Bitsy = small

Atwold = this is actually an acronym for “As The World Only Lives Differently,” meaning: we’re all pretty darn similar at our cores, we just live a bit differently. (Secret: we are not usually big fans of acronyms! We went through sooo many other names, but this one really stuck in our hearts. So Bitsy Atwold it is!)