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Magnet buddy set: Cleft!

Magnet buddy set: Cleft!

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Add another member to our "easy-to-clean, thin, use-with-or-without-metal" magnet set family portrait!


Metal surface not required to play and enjoy this set. They can stick to themselves :) But do still feel free to stick them on the fridge, too!


There are 27 colourful pieces in this magnet set. These include:


♥ 3 kiddos with different clefts

♥ 3 babies with different clefts

♥ Shirts

♥ Shorts

♥ Dress

♥ NAM - nasal alveolar molding

♥ Tape toolbox

♥ Nasal endoscope

♥ Tongue depressors

♥ Specialty bottles


♥ Speech flash cards

♥ Hand mirror

♥ Flashlight

♥ Ear checker


♥ Cleft stuffy friend

♥ Cupcake and candle

♥ Cup with straw


Recommended for ages 3+

Always supervise play.

We do our best to make our toys safe and use the highest quality inks & materials, but they are still vinyl magnets and should never be ingested by anyone - no matter their age...



The child pieces are roughly 5" tall. All the other pieces in the set(s) are sized to fit them. While the pieces are fairly large, there is still a choking hazard for wee ones.



Because: little fingers! Our magnets can be washed with water and gentle soap whenever necessary. Pat dry with a tissue, or leave them to air dry. Easy peasy. If further sanitizating is necessary, rub with hand sanitizer and pat dry with a tissue.



Magnets can become brittle at freezing temperatures and so should be stored and used at room temperatures. Long exposure to direct sunlight can lead to colour fading.

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