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Bitsy Atwold

Funeral / Grief – magnet set

Funeral / Grief – magnet set

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How do you explain a funeral service, or celebration of life to a child???

As with any massively humongous topic, it’s better to discuss it than not. Many fears are learned, and while having forthright discussions about them can feel completely beyond our means, they can lead to beautiful moments of deep connection and rich growth.

Using tactile tools can help ease this process:

- Explain the anticipated order of events while holding and pointing to the pieces. This can have a clarifying sense for young minds. It can help to break huge concepts into smaller chunks: this is going to happen, then this, then that... Giving kids clear ideas about what to expect can help alleviate some of the scariness of the unknown.

- Explain what each piece is and what’s for, what it represents to you.

- Go through the pieces and ask if they have any questions about any of them.

- Is there a piece in the set that’s different than the rituals they’re going to encounter? Discuss this.

- Ask how some of the pieces make them feel. You might get some surprising answers.

There are 19 pieces in this set. These include:


Alternate child hair colours – black, blonde, brown

Dark pants, shirt, and tie outfit

Dark dress outfit

Shoes to match

Tissue box

Flower bouquet



Coffin / casket


Tea, coffee set

Guest book

Family photo


Laptop for virtual funerals


Recommended for ages 3+

Always supervise play.

We do our best to make our toys safe and use the highest quality inks & materials, but they are still vinyl magnets, and should never be ingested by anyone, no matter their age.


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