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Trach & Respiration – medical teaching magnet buddy set

Trach & Respiration – medical teaching magnet buddy set

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Breathing – it’s a little bit important! Tracheostomy (or tracheotomy – whichever camp you’re in, we love you equally) and respiratory equipment ought to be seen and celebrated: both the appliances and the individuals for whom they are essential. Welcome to our Respiration Celebration!

There are 40 beautifully colourful pieces in this set. These include:

2 children – each with a stoma, one exhibiting hypoxia / cyanosis

Clothing pieces – dress, shorts, shirts, shoes, hat, bow, hospital gown

Trachs of various types & pieces – single tube, cuffed, obturator, speaking valve, tie, HME..

Cleaning supplies – suction machine & bulb, cleaning pipe

Sputum – 3 colours

Hand mirror, water

Pulse ox




Go Bag backpack


Face and nasal masks


Recommended for ages 3+

Always supervise play.

We do our best to make our toys safe and use the highest quality inks & materials, but they are still vinyl magnets, and should never be ingested by anyone, no matter their age.

How To Use

Magnets work best when played with on a metal surface – fridges, cookie sheets, magnetic dry erase boards, school lockers, tin lids...

One of our favourite ways is to put the printed backgrounds on a baking tray for use as a portable play surface - double bonus: the tray sides are great at containing all the pieces & any colouring tools used in one place!

Care Instructions

Because: little fingers!

Our magnets can be washed with water and gentle detergent whenever necessary. Pat dry with a tissue, or leave them to air dry. Easy peasy.

Note: magnets can become brittle at freezing temperatures, so should be used at room temp. Long exposure to direct sunlight can lead to colour fading.


The child piece(s) are roughly 5" tall. All the other pieces in the set(s) are sized to fit them. While the pieces are fairly large, there is still a choking hazard for wee ones.


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Return policy

We hope you love your set! But in case you need to make a return, it's okay. Reach out to us within 14 days of receiving your set, and we'll work out the best means to do so with you.

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