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Bitsy Atwold Teaching Tools Inc.

Trach & Respiration – medical teaching magnet buddy set

Trach & Respiration – medical teaching magnet buddy set

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Breathing – it’s a little bit important! Tracheostomy (or tracheotomy – whichever camp you’re in, we love you equally) and respiratory equipment ought to be seen and celebrated: both the appliances and the individuals for whom they are essential. Welcome to our Respiration Celebration!

There are 40 beautifully colourful pieces in this set. These include:

2 children – each with a stoma, one exhibiting hypoxia / cyanosis

Clothing pieces – dress, shorts, shirts, shoes, hat, bow, hospital gown

Trachs of various types & pieces – single tube, cuffed, obturator, speaking valve, tie, HME..

Cleaning supplies – suction machine & bulb, cleaning pipe

Sputum – 3 colours

Hand mirror, water

Pulse ox




Go Bag backpack


Face and nasal masks


Recommended for ages 3+

Always supervise play.

We do our best to make our toys safe and use the highest quality inks & materials, but they are still vinyl magnets, and should never be ingested by anyone, no matter their age.

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