Mental & Medical

Our goal as a company is to shed light on the parts of ourselves that society, as a whole, would prefer to ignore.

The issue is there's nothing wrong with these ignored parts. Because we don't see them represented, though, we're taught to think there is.

That's not okay.

Shine on, little darlings!

There's a reason we have 2 ears and 1 mouth...

The creation process of each Bitsy Atwold set is just as important as the finished pieces. Each and every set is developed through incredibly respectful collaboration with members of & social advocates for the specific community being represented.

It’s high time people shared the realities of their own experiences instead of being told what they feel and look like from the outside.

Madison - Bitsy Atwold, Founder

I come from an extremely medical and public service-oriented family. Generations of top level medical & mental health practitioners based all over the world, changing lives in hospitals, clinics, schools, groundbreaking labs - and then there’s me: the artist.

I grew up knowing there was a strong need for better representation in these communities. It took me quite a while to figure out how to marry my loves of art, medicine, play, and social advocacy, though.

I can't transplant an organ. I don't have the patience of a teacher. But I can do this.

A Love Letter of Sorts

To all the magical adult caregivers, those related by blood & those related by choice; the brave souls & professionals; the medical, education, and life specialists:

We see you. We see you working so very hard to make the world a healthier, more welcoming place. We see you, and we love you. Thank you for all of your efforts.

Bitsy Atwold is for you.

With much love to you all & always best wishes from afar,
The whole Bitsy Atwold team xoxo