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A Bitsy Book: Cleft! I have a cleft

A Bitsy Book: Cleft! I have a cleft

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Our first book! (We just happy danced...!!! It was pretty good and equally embarrassing!) Our first colouring activity storybook. Yay!

Join our characters as they discuss what it's like for them to have a cleft - their worries, excitements, and joys. Join them in colouring (coloring - if you're some of our American friends!), little activities, a breathing exercise, mental health talk, and learning about all sorts of different clefts. (Did you know King Tut had a cleft?)

1 in 700 makes clefts pretty darn common. Let's normalize and talk about it, shall we?

Think of all the discussions, learning, and acceptance we can all share now.

Dimensions: 6" x 9"  - made with small hands & popping in purses in mind! This book makes for an excellent and easy activity on the go.

25 pages


Printed in Canada

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