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Bitsy Atwold

Diabetes – magnet buddy set

Diabetes – magnet buddy set

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Type 1 Diabetes is a life-changing diagnosis with a huge learning curve. The testing, the equipment, the new terminology, the food restrictions, the constant monitoring... It can be a heck of a curve ball for the whole family, while also not being easy for the educators specializing in this field who have so much to impart during a time when overwhelm is real & prevalent.

We worked with the wonderfully sharing Katie Lamb to represent her T1 experience as she would’ve liked to see it when she was starting out.

There are 25 colourful pieces in this set. These include:

2 children with CGM

Diabetes pride clothing pieces


Shorts, pants

Dress, skirt

Hypo treatments – juice box, candies, glucose tablets

Water bottle

Blood glucose monitor

Test strips bottle

Blood sugar kit

Insulin injection pens

Insulin pumps – tubed and tubeless

Sharps bin

Carry case

Recommended for ages 3+

Always supervise play.

We do our best to make our toys safe and use the highest quality inks & materials, but they are still vinyl magnets, and should never be ingested by anyone, no matter their age.

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